☀️ 🌿💫Desert Bloom rings ▪︎ring 2💫🌿☀️
☀️ 🌿💫Desert Bloom rings ▪︎ring 2💫🌿☀️
Thunder and Anvil

☀️ 🌿💫Desert Bloom rings ▪︎ring 2💫🌿☀️

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☀️ 🌿💫Desert Bloom rings💫🌿☀️


Sonoran Gold Turquoise is just magic. I'm a sucker for green stones and earthy tones. Sonoran Gold is mined in Sonora, Mexico near the city of Cananea. This incredible stone strays from the colors of traditional turquoise and instead features vibrant greens, browns, and golds. 💚 My version of perfection 🌿 ☀️ 

Each of these statement rings feature a fully adjustable vintage floral band. One side is soldered to the stone, while the other moves freely to adjust to any finger. Message me upon purchase so I can adjust close to your size, you will be able to make minor adjustments by hand. 

Ps don't forget about your valentine 💌  

Hand forged from 100% sterling & fine silver to last a lifetime.