🌌 Summer Nights🌙
🌌 Summer Nights🌙
🌌 Summer Nights🌙
🌌 Summer Nights🌙
🌌 Summer Nights🌙
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🌌 Summer Nights🌙

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Summer nights are...

Warm breezes


After dinner walks


Porch sittin'

& Listening to wind chimes 

These earrings really resonate with me. I think they have all of the summery feels ♡ Their wind chime inspired design allow them to dance with your movements & catch every angle of light 🌞

There are two pairs of 🌌 Summer Nights🌙 earrings available...

Pair 1 • Royston Ribbon Turquoise • Beaded boho detail • sunburst stamping • Rectangle chimes 

Pair 2 • Royston Turquoise • Hammered detial • Elongated teardrop chimes 

Both pairs are hand forged from 100% sterling & fine silver to last a lifetime. Backs are stamped with Thunderbird makers mark & .925 {sterling silver} 

PS... I solder EVERY joint & jump ring closed so you can wear my pieces completely worry free 😊

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