🌙 🌟 celestial shadowbox pendant 🌟 🌙
🌙 🌟 celestial shadowbox pendant 🌟 🌙
Thunder and Anvil

🌙 🌟 celestial shadowbox pendant 🌟 🌙

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If yall are looking for some last minute jewelry to gift... I have a few lovely pieces on the site 🖤 

This cutie was created today!

🌙 Celestial shadowbox pendant 🌟 

Shadowboxes are one of my favorite creations. They have such a dreamy vibe ✨ This one features crescent moon and star detail. She also features a crescent moon and star that sits on the collar area. This necklace features an adjustable Italian wheat chain so it can be worn at any length! 

Hand forged from 100% sterling and fine silver to last a lifetime 🖤